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Add video to your email.

Video Email is a reality

Combine video, your best content, with email, your best channel, to lift your email performance.

email has evolved to video email

Email has evolved

With advances in compression technology and the embracing of video by email clients, including Apple mail and MS Office, email is evolving to video email.

The evolution to video email
How video email works

How video email works

We transcode your video to create a HTML snippet which is added to the email template in your ESP. If you can copy and paste you can add video to your email 🙂

How to send a video email
How effective is video email?

How effective is video email?

In our 2023 state of video email survey 32% of respondents indicated that video email had performed well when tested versus still images.

State of video email results 2023

Video email benchmarks 2023

Key Data Point: The number of video emails sent in 2023 increased by 270%, versus 2022.

  1. Number of video email sent – 520 million
  2. Number of SMB’s using video email – 5,000+
  3. Most active sectors for video email – eRetail, Entertainment & Streaming.
  4. Video email most active regions – USA, LATAM & Europe.
State of Video Email 2023 Survey Results

How does video email work?

The facts on what you can expect from adding video to your email campaigns.

Video Email logo on mobile

Video email works in all email clients, the multi-media experience varies by email client based on the email clients compatibillity

Plays Automatically

Your video plays automatically the moment the video email is opened.

Up to 60 seconds duration

Video emails can be up to 60 seconds in duration. 30 seconds is consistently the most effective.

All Email Service Providers, who we partner with, now support video email.

The optimization of the file formats served ensures all recipients are delivered a high quality video experience within the email.

All video formats supported

From MP4 through to MOV all video file formats are supported by the video email platforms.

Follow these 3 steps to send your first video email campaign.

1. Build your email template

Create your email template as normal and simply add a HTML block into the template where you wish to feature your video content.

2. Transcode your video content

Upload your video content to our Video Email Platform to transcode your video into a HTML snippet which is then copy and pasted into your email template.

3. Add the video to your email

Copy and paste the HTML code from our Video Email Platform into the HTML block within your email template and continue to test and send your video email campaign.

Feedback from our users

Video Email is perfect for teasing our tutorials.

/ Email designer - UK eRetailer

Video Email is perfect for featuring our game highlights within our emails.

/ SVP Digital @ Major Sports Team

Having tested Video Email its now main stay for all our key launches.

/ Head of CRM @ Global cosmetic brand

We wanted to add our TikTok videos to email, this was super easy and delivered a great result.

/ SVP Social Media @ Global Apparel Brand

We where seeking to elevate the content in our campaigns, adding video proved to be the perfect solution to lift our email game

/ Head of Customer Engagement @ UK Sports Association

Video Email that works seamlessly with your ESP

Our video email platform works seamlessly with all Email Sending Platforms, with no coding or plugins required.

Adding video to your email template is as simple as copying and pasting your encoded video into your email template.


Our ESP Partners

Experience Video Email with our Free and Unlimited Trial, with No Credit Card Required.

How we help make video email a reality for marketers

Since the first video email campaign was sent in 2016 we have been at the forefront of this evolution in email marketing.

The combination of our time served as digital marketers, with a strong skew towards email marketing, and our more recent experience across video email, positions us as the leading authority in this emerging discipline.

Video email mobile


We provide three video email services.

Video Email Platform

Add video to your email using our Video Email Platform which is compatible with all Email Service Providers. If you can copy and paste you can use our platform 🙂

How to add video to email

Video email expertise

We combine email marketing experience with more recent video email experience to help you navigate evolving approaches to email and video marketing.

Video Email Knowledge Base

Video email for agencies

We enable email agencies to offer video email services to their clients, from providing strategy through to video email set up and deployment via our SaaS platform.

Agency Service

Sharing our knowledge

What we have learnt and what we are working on.